Fruity Coconut Popsicles

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are making it through this shorter week!

Fruity coconut popsicles-4

Getting back in a blogging routine is always hard for me after being out of the habit, but getting to participate in something so exciting is the perfect way to get back at it! My local group of San Diego food bloggers was given the opportunity by Melissa’s Produce to take a box of their fantastic produce and create a recipe from it using at least 3-4 of the items they sent. What a way to push myself! Continue reading

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Three Bean Turkey Chili

Decisions! Dishes, blog, or editing photos of our little Magpie! So much to get done during  nap time, and I think you can tell what I chose today! This kind of kills two birds with one stone, as I can get the blog and the photos edited in one sitting. At least I am rationalizing it that way…

My niece, whom I love very much, has spent most of her 8.5 years on this earth saying “I don’t like that.” Love her to death, but the kid has always been a rather picky eater. Odd for this family, as we love all food, with a few things some of us just prefer to not eat, but only very few. Just how picky is my niece?

Until very recently, she wouldn’t eat a hamburger. My sister’s favorite story is from a few years back when my niece thought she liked hamburgers for a split second, got one in a fast food kid’s meal, got home with it, open her meal up and screamed. Flat out screamed at the hamburger, it was hilarious! She has since gotten over the trauma and loves to eat hamburgers.

Something else she will absolutely eat without a doubt? Chili.

Three Bean Turkey Chili via Cairns Manor Continue reading

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Broccoli Salad with Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette

We are still getting broccoli weekly in our CSA box, lots and lots of the good green stuff. However, I can only eat so much of it steamed or as a soup.

Enter this delight.

Broccoli Salad with Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette

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Blood Orange Sangria

It’s Spring! Winter flew by me, I was a little busy after the holidays. Worked on a couple of things, including this:

Blood Orange Sangria

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Pumpkin Gingerbread Nut Bread with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread

It’s the third week in November, you know what that means right? Thanksgiving is Thursday! We are busily planning the spread for Thursday over here, and I plan to have a few more recipes up for you to consider this week, including on I am testing today, if it works, I hope to have stove top space freed up, which is so important in my kitchen on a big holiday!

But, today is also the third Monday of the month, which means it is also time for my Secret Recipe Club reveal for the month! And after a long, hot, summer, having to dump out close to 20 pounds of flour due to a weevil infestation (boo!), and the arrival of Autumn, I am finally baking something.

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Pumpkin Seeds: Boiled, roasted and spiced!

Good morning all! Well, we’ve made it half way through the month of November, Thanksgiving is only a week from tomorrow, and my husband and I made it through a couple of busy, baby shower filled weekends! Our little pumpkin will be well dressed, and we have a car seat to bring her home from the hospital in!

Which wait, really? They are going to trust me with a newborn? Geeze.

And while out of town, I was christened a Gold Member of the Secret Recipe Club, having not missed a post since I joined! And they got to me just in the nick of time too, I will be taking the month of January off, what with needing to figure out how to take care of that newborn the hospital is letting me leave with. But every month, I’ve really enjoyed my posts for SRC, and I look forward to more!

So, we successfully made a trip out to see the in-laws for baby shower 2.0, made it back home Monday afternoon, only to have both of us turn up sick yesterday. I told my husband this is the absolute last time we can ever be sick together again from now on. With a baby in the house, one of us has to be well to take care of her, right? We both took a day off from work to recuperate some, and I realized I should post a little something that I’ve been munching on since Halloween.

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Honey and Spice Cornbread

Man, this month is flying by me! It is already time for another Secret Recipe Club post!

Which for right now is having some slight technical difficulties in terms of my pictures. They exist, I promise! I hope they will be in here by posting time, if not, later in the afternoon once I am home from my glucose test. I am so excited to be doing that this morning! **Pictures are now in! Woohoo!**

We’ve had some cooler weather, and last week finally decided what it was I wanted to make from the wonderful blog I was secretly reading this month, Gastronomical Sovereignty! Manned and written by the lovely Kristy who happens to live in Canada (Victoria, BC to be exact), seems to like beer (lots of it) and her blog is rather packed with some fantastic recipes! I am bookmarking a few for when I restart my CSA box next month, there will be plenty of greens and veggies from it I can use up with Kristy’s recipes for sure.

This month though, I went with a basic, a staple really. And one I’ve not yet blogged on: cornbread! I made a ham and bean soup last week (that was pretty fantastic) and needed a pretty fantastic side to go with it. And with ham and bean soup, cornbread is always the answer! Continue reading

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Autumn Chopped Salad

October is here! The weather seems to be recognizing that the season has changed, and I am pulling out the seasonal decorations, can’t believe it is that time of year already!

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Secret Recipe Club: Lemon Verbena Panna Cotta

It’s the third week in September, at the start of the week, which means it is time for another Secret Recipe Club post! It’s been hot here, still, so despite my biggest wish to bake this month (and let me tell you, I’ve been wanting brownies!), I again went with something a little cooler. Didn’t want to add much heat to the kitchen. Especially with 100 degree temps here at home this last weekend! Whew. Thankfully, the day I made this it was only about 85 outside.

Before I dive into the recipe, I should likely mention who I had this month! This month I was very lucky to be paired with Tandy from Lavender and Lime! I’ve actually featured Tandy in a way here before, when I braised short ribs, so I know her blog pretty well. And given my sweet tooth was calling I went straight to her desserts, bypassed the baked goods (insert sad face here) and found a fantastic recipe for panna cotta!

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Strawberry Bruschetta

Can you feel it? Maybe it is just me, but I am feeling like things are slowing down, getting back to normal, I am finding my routine again and I am glad for it. My summer teaching position  finished up with my last day with the students 2 weeks ago and I spent the last week reviewing journal entries, hours on site, care plans, worksheets, etc. etc. etc. As of this morning, I have their hours marked off, grades submitted and I am done. I don’t know who is happier, me or them!

Not to say I didn’t enjoy the work, I absolutely did! I don’t think I talked about what I was doing too much here, but I was a clinical instructor for nursing students. There are two parts to nursing education: the lecture book learning portion and the clinical hands on portion. I was responsible for the guidance and assignments for 7 students for their hands on portion at a local hospital. It truly was a blast, I pushed them and they pushed me. I dug back into my brain for nuggets of experience and teaching to pass on to them and it was really fun. Tiring, especially since the entire time I was pregnant and tired anyway, but really a lot of fun. They were an incredible group to work with, and I think I’ve gotten a few of them to come to the dark side of women’s health and maternity/labor and delivery nursing! I hope I am able to return next year, now that I’ve done it once, I have a better idea of what to expect not only from the students, but also from myself.

In between teaching, working, a humid summer and this whole business of growing a life, I did manage to get some cooking done. And even photographed! Just not blogged. I will fully admit that after sitting at the computer for all the other things I was working on, I really didn’t have it in me to sit and be witty or engaging enough to write anything other than “Here, I made this, it was good, so should you. Yum.”

That just isn’t much fun to read. Especially if I really loved what it was, like this bruschetta.


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